Akoun.com is the logical conclusion to an adventure which began in 1980.

At this time, J-A Akoun had been an art dealer since 1973.
He was born in Paris in 1947 and more precisely at Montmartre near the Place du Tertre so dear to the great painters of the 19th century. At the age of eight he met Utrillo. At eleven he learnt a great deal at Desnos's side. At fifteen he was close to Heuzé (J-A Akoun is today the expert on these two artists). Victor Brauner at 72 Bis de la rue Lepic encouraged him in this art which is life. Following the advice of Camoin, he tried his hand at painting and sold Montmartre street urchins to tourists in the Place. He also kept company with Csaky, Gen Paul, Moretti, Lagage, Naly, Oguiss, Quellier, Rouault, Gougerot, Zingaro, Dubuc, Dupuis, Lourenço, Bonas, Delval etc

He became a regular and assiduous visitor to antique markets and auction rooms before becoming dealer then expert in auction rooms at Drouot
It was first of all for his professional use that he listed bids and calculated average prices; as the idea gained in recognition, J-A Akoun changed direction to devote himself to "The Valuation of painters" which appeared for the first time in 1985 and was immediately a success.

To "Valuation of Painters", a Best-Seller in books on art valuations that every art hunter always has at hand, have been added "The Valuation of drawings, watercolours, gouaches and pastels", "The Valuation of lithos, engravings, sculptures and bronzes", "AKOUN International Auction Art" and finally "The Valuation of photos"
Akoun.com will enable you to benefit from all this knowledge hoping to bring you as much joy as that experienced by the regular readers of J-A Akoun's publications.

J-A Akoun is faithfully assisted by Geneviève DHOYE for the editing and by J-P-A Akoun as webmaster and co-author of "AKOUN International Auction Art" and the anthology of biographies of the 19th and 20th centuries.
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J-A akoun

J-A Akoun

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J-P-A Akoun

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Geneviève DHOYE

J.-A. AKOUN invites painters, dealers and collectors to send him all written proofs of bids, explanatory and useful information to the editors.

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  • The valuation of a painting
  • The valuation of a sculpture or a bronze
  • The valuation of a drawing, a pastel, a watercolour, a gouache
  • The valuation of a litho, an engraving, an etching
  • The valuation of a photograph

With a database established since 1980, Akoun.com is the website of the INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLER in art valuation books

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