You wish to set up links to your website from our home page ?

You will receive the following benefits for a period 1 year from date to date :

  • Advertising banner on the home page ( made by us from your works)
  • Exclusivity with the name of the chosen artist
  • Reminder of the link before obtaining the valuation of the artist
  • Named in the list of our favourite sites
  • Reminder of the link in the section "decipher a signature"
  • presentation of the link in the section "valuation of the artist"

As a gift you will receive 1 year of unlimited access to all the online databases !


If you don't have a website contact us

* is the web site of the international best-seller of valuation books inthe field of art since 1985 and its international versions : 1 500 000 clics/month. More than 5 000 daily users.

Our rates

Links to your website from the name of an artist : 290€ pro year, including the creation of your advertising banner

Gallery owner
290€ for each artist par artiste for one year, including the creation of your advertising banner
Any order concerning a minimum of 4 artists benefits from a discount of 25 %
- from 5 to 8 artist: 40 %
- from 9 artist and more: 50 %
example : 9 artists for 290€ x 9 x 50% = 1305€ instead of 2610€.

Our prices include all taxes

Send the name of the artist (or artists), the biographical dates, the Internet address (URL) of your site
and the corresponding cheque written out to AKOUN

à :
BP 30052

Your own advertising banner in homepage

Your advertising in homepage as only announcer

  • Visibility : 50 000 visitors a day
  • Location : English and french homepage
  • Duration : During one week from saturday until friday
  • Conditions : Only announcer on the website
  • Format : 460x150 pixels
  • Files : JPEG, GIF, PNG

Let us know which week you want. (special price if you want several week during the year) Ask for availability and rates at

by Le AKOUN, International best-seller of valuation books in the field of art since 1985