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  • Why Can’t We Take Pictures in Art Museums?
    First, because there are copyright restrictions (When a work is 200+ years old, it is outside of the protection of even the strongest copyright laws (life of the artist plus 70 years).
    And also the damages of flashs
  • For his series DRUGS, Washington, D.C. artist Bryan Lewis Saunders has created dozens of self-portraits, one per day, each while under the influence of a different mind-altering substance, including cocaine, Ritalin, nitrous oxide and Valium
  • What is the biggest museum?
    The world’s most-visited museum might be the Louvre, but the world’s largest is the National Museum of China
  • Following the $9m a nude from 1954 by Nicolas de Stael reaching $6.5m millions $ in Paris
  • Julie MEHRETU born in 1971; The youngest artist in the world with the 3 M $ top auction !


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