To obtain an auction valuation
  • you must send us by email all available evidence of results obtained through sales made through public or private auctions
    (auctioneers, bailiffs, or pages printed from websites).
  • You need to detail the artwork and results: title, technique, materials, format, date of execution, support, signature, and price obtained in dollars.
  • Send the Internet address (URL) of your website.
  • If you don't have any website send us one or two picture of your recent work.
  • Our valuation team (expert, auctioneer) and Mr. Akoun will have a look to your file.
  • You will receive a proposal of valuation
If you accept this valuation, your name, surname and date of birth will be directly add to our database as the valuation !
Cost of the valuation : 103$ incl tax

As a gift you will receive 1 year of unlimited access to all the online databases wich amount is 39$ !

For the one of you who has a website, you can
only if you want to ,and without any influence on your obtained valuation, subscribe to our proposal of mediatization of your website.

We thank you for the confidence you have placed in our services.
Respectfully yours,

Akoun Valuation Team.

by Le AKOUN, International best-seller of valuation books in the field of art since 1985